Oxo-degradable SUP

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Oxo Bio Kraft
  • Oxo Bio Kraft
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Finish Oxo-Bio Kraft Paper Finish
Front Side Colour Oxo Bio Kraft
Back Side Colour Oxo Bio Kraft

Our Oxo biodegradable stand up pouches also named as "Bak2earth"Stand Up Pouches provide a safe and secure format to package a variety of products.

The Oxo bio pouches are more eco-friendly compared to standard PE pouches as they breakdown much quicker thereby limiting their impact upon the environment.

Due to its biodegradable characteristics it is particularly important to test the life of your product before ordering these pouches.

From a sales perspective the pouches are easy to merchandise as they stand up on a shelf and can effectively display your product branding.

These Oxo Biodegradable pouches are suitable for packing super foods, organic food, powders, spices, baking mixes, nuts, flours, organic teas, snacks, seasonings, chocolates , candies, organic pet food, sugar, salt.

The Oxo Bio pouches can be filled by hand or by automated filling machines. Once the products have been filled into the pouch, the pouch can be secured by closing the zipper and heat sealing the excess material above the zipper to make the pouch tamper proof. When opening the end user simply has to cut straight along the tear notches at the top of the pouch and pull open the resealable zip lock to access the contents of the pouch