Coffee Bags

Pouch Shop is a leading specialist of Coffee bags in the UK for wholesale and retail businesses. We offer a wide range of coffee bags fitted with one-way degassing valve for your coffee packaging needs. There are three styles of coffee bags that we offer online - stand up pouches with valve, side gusset bags with valve and the flat bottom bags with valve.

These coffee bags provide a safe and secure format to package a variety of products like coffee beans and coffee granules. The roasted coffee beans generate gas inside the bag thus the one way degassing valve helps release the excess gas from the bag, it being a one way valve , it does not allow the outside moisture and air to enter inside the pouch thus maintaining the freshness of the content. These coffee bags and coffee pouches are all metalized which provides excellent barrier properties against water vapour and oxygen, making them the preferred packaging option for the coffee industry where product freshness and shelf life are a priority.

At ‘Pouch Shop’ we guarantee to offer flexible volumes for both stock and custom printed products, competitive prices and quick lead times. Through our professional print and design service, we are able to offer high quality and eye catching finished goods that will set your brand apart in the Market.

Our online ordering process is simple, you just need to click on the product you wish to order. Select the size and quantity and the unit price will show up. You can then continue shopping or click on the checkout.