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We at ‘Pouch Shop’ offer a wide range of Tin Tie Bag which is suitable for your packaging needs. They come in various sizes and styles which includes Brown block bottomed paper bags with window and White paper bottomed paper bags with window.

These Tin Tie bags provide a safe and secure format to package a variety of products like tea bags, granola, dried fruits, chocolates nuts, candles and little soaps. These bags come with an in-built Tin Tie on the top which can be used to clip the bag after every use. These block bottom tin tie bags are poly-lined, food grade safe and can be heat sealed as well.

At ‘Pouch Shop’ we guarantee to offer flexible volumes for both stock and custom printed products, competitive prices and quick lead times. Through our professional print and design service, we are able to offer high quality and eye catching finished goods that will set your brand apart in the Market.

Our online ordering process is simple, you just need to click on the product you wish to order. Select the size and quantity and the unit price will show up. You can then continue shopping or click on the checkout.