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Types of Eco Packaging
Our climate is changing and increasingly packaging is becoming a factor in the consumer decision making process. Swiss Pack Europe has been a pioneer in bringing to the market eco friendly coffee packaging options. We are pleased to offer the following eco options :
  • Oxo Degradable
    Offering strong barrier properties to support a long shelf life. Degrades to micro-plastics within 12-24 months
  • Compostable
    Degrades in 10-12 weeks within industrial composting streams
  • Fully Recylable
    Offering strong barrier properties to support a long shelf life. Can be fully recycled.
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There's always pro's & cons..
Considerations of Eco Packaging
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  • Shelf Life
    Barrier properties will vary between different materials and as a result they will also support different shelf lives
  • Waste Streams
    Does the relevant waste stream required to process the waste actually exist within your markets and are consumers suitably aware of how to correctly dispose of the packaging. Otherwise the full benefits may not be realized.
  • Storage & Transport
    Is the product to be transported, stored or sold in markets that endure extreme heat or humidity. If this is the case then higher barrier material structures will be more applicable.