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packaging. We offer the largest selection of packaging
options to help you navigate the jerky market.

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Why we're the leading supplier!
Swiss Pack Europe understands the importance of barrier packaging for jerky as well as other meats!
  • We Know the Area
    We've been producing Jerky Packaging for over 40 Years, and have countless samples of our work, order a free sample today!
  • Quality every time
    Manufactured in accredited factories, all our jerky packaging & general food packaging is produced utilising the latest technology to provide you with the highest standard of flexible packaging on the market while remaining cost efficient.
  • Design Flexibility
    With flexible packaging there are little to no creative limitations, both in terms of shape and design allowing you to create innovate product placement solutions. Furthermore, we offer all 3 forms of printing methods in order to provide you the most cost efficient custom solution!
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We're seasoned experts in packaging!
Jerky Packaging Requirments
Jerky has a handful of product, merchandising and legal packaging requirements, beyond compliance these factors can also give your product the competitive edge!
  • Oxygen Absorbers
    Oxygen absorption sachets are needed in jerky packaging to prevent the growth of fungi and other organisms that Rott the product. We can supply our tried and tested oxygen absorption sachets to help you satisfy your compliance needs!
  • Merchandising
    We are able to include custom hang holes at no extra charge on all jerky packaging so that your product can be hung from peg boards in multiple quantities
  • Barrier Protection
    Our in house lab has empirical data on a number of different jerky products, enabling us to advise on the most optimum material structure to optimize your product shelf life and lock in freshness and flavour.