How can I process a payment?
You will have to initially set up an account with
Once you have selected the items, click on the checkout button and it will direct you to the payment options.

Card payment options
You can pay directly using your transaction card. We accept the following credit/debit cards for payment:
• MasterCard
• Visa ( Credit/debit)
• Electron or Matestro
Is my payment secured?
Our online accountant Sagepay provides us with the latest fraud screening tools which helps manage the payments securely and greatly reduce the exposure of frauds.
To help protect the business and shoppers we are PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) the highest level of security standard considered in the e-commerce sector./online payment industry.

If I have problem in processing the card payment?
While entering the card details if you experience any sort of problem with respect to payments then please contact you card provider.
In case of technical problems, please feel free to contact to contact us on 02084279944.