Matt Black Side Gusset Pouch with Valve

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Matt Black with Valve
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Front Side Colour Matt Black with Valve
Back Side Colour Matt Black

Side gusset bags with one way degassing valve are suitable for packing roasted coffee beans.

The roasted coffee beans generate gas inside the bag thus the one way degassing valve helps release the excess gas from the bag, it being a one way valve , it does not allow the outside moisture and air to enter inside the pouch thus maintaining the freshness of the content

The Side gusset bags provide excellent barrier properties against water vapour and oxygen, making them the preferred packaging option for a wide range of Industries where product freshness and shelf life are a priority. They are especially suitable for foods products and our laminates are all FDA food grade approved.

The bags also offer a variety of economic and environmental advantages compared to rigid formats of packaging. They are cheaper and less polluting to manufacture, transport and store compared to rigid formats of packaging.

From a sales perspective the bags are easy to merchandise as they stand up on a shelf and can effectively display your product branding. Due to its non resealable nature these side gusset bags are perfect for coffee roasters and for bakers looking to pack various types of flours

Side gusset are suitable for packing coffee, tea, flours, powders, granules and food items.

The bags can be filled by hand or by automated filling machines. Once the products have been filled into the bag, the bag can be secured by heat sealing the excess material on top to make the bag tamper proof. When opening the end user simply has to cut straight the top of the bag to access the contents of the bag.