Bath Salt

Our Bath Salt Packaging is water proof, resealable,
a fraction of the price and weight of containers and are
fully customisable!

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Why use Bags/pouches
The market for relaxing and therapeutic salts has evolved , with brands benefitting from bespoke packaging solutions to help meet their product, brand and distribution needs.
  • Salt Specific
    Swiss Pack Europe has developed specific material structures that are high in barrier for salt products that contain oil extracts. This is to avoid delamination that can occur when the oils react with polymers over time. Likewise our salt specific laminates guarantee product security and hygiene due to their significant protection against moisture and oxygen.
  • Packaging Cost & Weight
    Logistical costs of traditional bath salt packaging can be very expensive & cumbersome. As sales of bath salts move online, brands need to be more mindful of their packaging and invest in quality salt pouches which offer not only an enhanced user experience but also are a fraction of the price compared to rigid packaging in terms of production and transportation.
  • Consumer Perception
    How do you differentiate your brand? Bath Salt containers are typically limited to the printed label size and shape. With Flexible packaging we can produce custom sizes, shapes, finishes and more to ensure your product stands out on the shelf. Custom printed packaging builds far more consumer trust than a generic bottle & printed label.
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Bathe away your bottle costs!
Packaging Options
Make your salt more user friendly, with spouts, easy storage, measuring windows and fully customised designs!
  • Resealability
    Our specialised seals and high barrier multi layer films provide the same amount of Aroma retention & Moisture barriers if not more than traditional glass bottles when resealed and costs a fraction of the price! As well was that reseals can be replaced with spouts to make your product more dispensable!
  • Bulk Sizing
    Bath Salts are often not purchased as a singular use item rather are part of a longer regimen. We can provide both stock and custom print options ranging from 10g to 5kg.
  • Scoops
    We are able to supply a wide range of stock and bespoke measuring scoops to provide added convenience to your customers.