Supplement &
Protein packaging

We have both stock products and custom print solutions available
for all your nutritional and protein packaging needs. Ranging from
stand up pouches to scoops! All anti-static of course!

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Choose from sizing ranging from 100g to 10kg
Protein Powder & Bar Packaging
Flexible packaging can provide your nutritional brand with a lower carbon footprint, reduced logistical costs, and increased margins.
  • Powders
    Our stand up pouches and flat bottom bags are ideal choice to pack protein powders. Providing a variety advantages from merchandising to transportation, our packaging formats continue to set the standard with protein packaging.
  • Protein Bar
    We offer stock options in paper and plastic for protein bars as well as custom printed roll film with your bespoke designs in any shape or size you want. We're proud to provide innovative solutions for this growing product category & boast an extensive portfolio!
  • Tablets & Capsules
    Flexible packaging is a great solution for tablets and capsules, unlike bottles, tubs and tins that can add significant storage and transport costs. Flexible packaging provides the same product security and shelf life for a fraction of the costs.
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What you need to know!
Industry Specific
In terms of Merchandising flexible packaging is far easier to display on shelves as well that they provide greater gender neutrality allowing you to target broadly.
  • Powder Seal
    To guarantee a consistent customer experience, we are able to offer special sealing and zipper options specifically for powders that help avoid reseal issues
  • Anti - Static
    During the production process packaging often attains static energy which powders like to stick to, thanks to our state of the art equipment we are able to remove this entirely.
  • Scoops
    To compliment our protein bag options we are able to supply stock scoops that are available in a range of different sizes and colours.